10 Tips for Proper Film Casting

So, you have participated in various school plays and impressed everyone with your acting skills. You have also decided that you will make it big in the film industry and taken numerous classes for it. But, are you aware of what you need to do when you are invited for an audition in a film production house? If you have ever met with a casting director, you will know how tough the job is for him/her. There are so many good actors around and picking the best is really confusing. But, you have to give your best shot every single time. Most importantly, you need to keep in mind few tips for film casting that will help you be at an advantageous position:

1. Listen first and then act – The first rule of being in film casting is to listen to what the casting director has to say about the part that is being offered. It is not just about learning the lines and delivering them in the audition. The more you listen to what you have to do, the better you will be able to enact the scene.

2. Don’t let nerves get the better of you – It is quite natural to be nervy when you are attending a film casting, but if you get nervous, you can lose it all. So, being nervy is never an option.

3. Be comfortable with the cast – Normally, there are only a few people who will be present in the casting room. So, try to be as comfortable as possible with them.

4. Look confident – The way you present yourself in film casting will decide if you are suitable for the role.

5. Eye to eye contact – The first thing that you learn in a film casting agency is to make eye to eye contact with the director. This is crucial because it reflects your confidence.

6. Rehearse properly – 6. Rehearsing in front of the camera is the best way to prepare yourself for any casting interview. If you have got the dialogues ready, take a mobile camera or digital camera to record yourself for every take.

7. Dress to impress – Dressing for the role is the ideal way to make a mark on the casting director. Depending on the role you are auditioning for, you can get clothes that will suit for that role and wear it on the day of audition.

8. Be cheerful and keep that smile going – Directors love it when candidates are cheerful and charming. It can go a long way to winning over the judges and a step ahead to getting selected.

9. Learn the dialogues by heart – Although, you will have the dialogue papers with you, it would be great if you can learn your part well so that you don’t have any chance of fumbling in between.

10. Be professional – Even if it is your first casting experience, try to be as professional as possible. Don’t be too over friendly with the directors or try to add unnecessary inputs.

Christopher Lee – The Real Bloodsucker

Count Dracula is definitely the most famous vampire of all time. Bram Stoker created this gothic horror novel way back in 1897. This blood-sucking vampire became a prototype for many subsequent novels on the vampire topic. The story written by the Irish novelist goes about Count Dracula’s attempts to move from Transylvania to England. He does it mainly to spread his curse and find new victims for bloodsucking. The ending of the novel was later removed where it is written that the Dracula’s castle crumbles and is destroyed after his death.

There are several versions of Dracula that were filmed due to the success of Hammer films starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. But none achieved the level of fearsome characterization of the vampire by Christopher Lee. Lee appeared as the vampire in 10 films during the 1960s and 70s, and seven of them were directed by Hammer. Most of these films were successful and that epitomized Lee in the title role. Peter Cushing played Van Helsing, the vampire slayer in most of these films.

The success of these films inspired several other actors and directors to try their hand at different versions the Bram Stoker novel. But no one ever reached the height that Christopher Lee did. I have seen one of the earlier versions called Count Dracula which is a British film that still sends a shiver up my spine. It is made very simply with realistic sets and still is terrifying. Christopher Lee was an accomplished actor and played many other memorable roles. James Bond fans would immediately point to The Man with the Golden Gun.

Several other attempts were made after the Hammer films especially in the seventies to create the same magic. But the Dracula depicted in these films did not come close to the chilling portrayal by Lee in Hammer films. Bela Lugosi who played the Dracula in 1931 was a good competitor but others not really. Gary Oldman in the much-discussed Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992 created a lot of hype but he just wasn’t as menacing as Lee. Some took a whimsical look at the story by telling it as a comedy, musical or an animation film. There was also an opera take on the novel. But to the diehard fans of Dracula, the Christopher Lee versions remain the ones to enjoy and cherish. Several versions have been made till date and some are planned in coming years. Let’s see!